Myoskeletal Alingment Techniques

What Myoskeletal Therapy
·         Relieves chronic pain contributing to weak posture
·         Releases trapped nerves from tight muscles, joints and ligaments
·         Corrects atrophy, weakness and muscle amnesia in head-forward postures
·         Addresses breathing disorders caused by a drooping ribcage
·         Lessens pain sensitivity through graded exposure assisted stretching
·         Eliminates protective muscle guarding due to joint dysfunction
·         Improves sleep by lowering sympathetic nervous system tone
·         Creates dynamic, confident posture with innovative restorative techniques
·         Corrects sports-related tendon and joint injuries
·         Enhances athletic performance through hands-on proprioceptive training
·         Changes the brain’s mind about pain through targeted exercise advice
·         Prevents chronic neck and back pain due to tension, trauma & weak posture
How Does MAT Work?
·         Contract-relax techniques can make the nervous system less threatened by the movement… even if muscles aren’t permanently lengthening, trigger points aren’t being obliterated, fascia isn’t stretching, etc.
·         Active pain-free therapy signals the brain that the previously painful movement is now safe.
·         By doing this repeatedly, the nervous system will often start to disassociate the movement from the pain.
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